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Kristine Aghalaryan

Tsarukyan’s Company Wants to Double Production at Mghart Gold Mine and Open a New Tailings Dump

MP Gagik Tsarukyan’s Multi Group LLC intends to expand production at the Mghart Gold Mine in Armenia’s Lori Province. 

The company, which has operated the mine since 2005, has presented a draft plan for 2018-2037. Public hearings on the expansion plans were first held in January this year. Second hearings are planned for May 4. 

The gold extraction mine uses open-pit mining techniques. There’s an enrichment plant with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year built next to the mine. 

The draft foresees building a second open mine and a new tailings dump. The ore extraction is planned to be 100,000 tons per year. A new tailings dump will be constructed on the own fenced land area of ​​Multi Group. 

The mine site, according to the company's draft, is forestless, with some oak trees in rocky areas on the western wing. Grass cover is fragmental. 

There are no specially protected natural areas in the area and no recorded flora and fauna species registered in the Red Book of Armenia.


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preston bagrationi
Sasna KRAZ: So, what you are telling me is that the these corrupt oligarchs who are destroying Armenia (an example is above) and destroying the environment, siphoning of millions of dollars, basically stealing the resources of tiny Armenia, and abruptly changing their allegiances OVERNIGHT from Serzh to Pahinyan, do NOT ring any Alarm bells for you? Do you honestly think that Pashinyan, fattened by this new allegiances with the oligarchs will be able to usher in prosperity for us? These powerful oligarch have already fastened the noose around Pashinyan's neck, and will use that noose when needed. Such naivete on your part is surprising and sad. Pashinyan should have rejected the support of these oligarchs, but instead accepted their support. Our small country lacks political savviness for survival, whereas murderous Turkey, with at least 1000 years of independence so intricately has maneuvered it's political agenda through thick and thin. And gorged by the events in Armenia, is waiting for that excuse or the green light to finish us off once and for all.
Many of Armenia's hidden valleys are already filled with toxic mining waste. The oligarchs can live in their unpolluted palatial mansions in Armenia and elsewhere. But the people of the Armenian nation's place is in Armenia. Let's not continue to make our homeland a toxic waste dump. A thousand years from now the toxic mining waste will still be there. What of our people? Hopefully Pashinyan or whoever the next PM is, will not fall victim to these oligarchs' greed and corrupting influences.
prston bagrationi
Didn't Tsarukyan support Pashinyan? Already oligarchs switched allegiances from right to left, but NOTHING will change in our motherland.Us Armenians are naive people. Our independence is only 25-26 year? We are NO MATCH for the back stabbing super powers and Turkey, who have orchestrated this situation in Armenia. Just wait and see, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING will change in Armenia. Corruption will continue, you cannot fight powerful oligarchs. Pashinyan is NO MATCH to these crooked oligarchs who are supporting him Now. Later on they turn on him, just wait and see. My poor naive people, just because Pashinyan wanted the premiership, your economic situation will STAY THE SAME. Just remember that we all have been duped into believing in something which will Not come to fruitation. All the oligarchs are supporting Pashinyan, how would Pashinyan deal these powerful oligarch and put them in their places? He won't, he already has been bribed heavely, and this will come to haunt him. God save Armenia and Artsakh. Without Atrsakh, Armenia will Not last long as an independent country, Never forget this fact.
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