Araks Mamulyan

Yerevan: Lawyers Protest Yesterday’s National Assembly Vote

Several Armenian lawyers, who are also dissatisfied with the National Assembly failing to elect Nikol Pashinyan prime minister yesterday, today joined those staging acts of civil disobedience.

Early this morning, seven lawyers blocked access to the Ministry of Justice.

Lawyer Nikolay Baghdasaryan told Hetq that this was to protest the fact that Republican Party of Armenia MPs did not hear the people's voice and voted against Nikol Pashinyan.

"The revolution will change the state's approach to the lawyer, too," said Baghdasaryan, referring to a recent law by which lawyers can be arbitrarily fined up to 100,000 drams.

The lawyer noted that some ministry employees and police officers approached them but didn’t express dissatisfaction after having clarified the peaceful nature of their protest.

Apart from these lawyers, blocking the access to the ministry, another group of lawyers came up with a strike announcement yesterday evening. The full list of attorneys joining the announcement is still being clarified.

Top photo (from left): Yervand Varosyan, Nikolay Baghdasaryan, Tigran Atanesyan

Note: Today, throughout Armenia, people are protesting yesterday’s failure by the National Assembly to elect Nikol Pashinyan prime minister. Pashinyan, the “people’s candidate” lost the election 56-45. All 56 opposing votes were cast by the Republican Party of Armenia. After the vote, Pashinyan called on his supporters to relaunch their acts of civil disobedience on an even greater scale intending to paralyze the country. The National Assembly will vote again next week. (The original tally of 55 opposing votes released by the National Assembly was incorrect. After the tally, one MP said his ballot against Pashinyan wasn't counted.)