Diana Ghazaryan

Ruben Vardanyan to Build Multi-Million Dollar Health Resort in Dilijan

The government of newly-elected Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has approved a multi-million-dollar project to build a health spa/center in Dilijan and to improve the resort town’s infrastructure.

The five-year project will be undertaken by the IDeA (Initiatives for Development of Armenia) charitable foundation run by Ruben Vardanyan at an estimated cost of AMD 15.682 billion (US$32.2 million).

The project seeks to spur medical tourism in Armenia.

IDeA says that 1,070 construction and other jobs will be created over the five-year period paying an average monthly wage of AMD 200,000.

Once completed, the health resort and auxiliary buildings will employ 408 permanent workers at an average salary of 500,000 drams.