Narek Aleksanyan

Yerevan, May 16 - From Dismantling Fences to Demanding Yerevan Mayor’s Resignation

On May 15, a photo was posted on social networks, showing destruction of trees in the park between Italy and Beirut streets in downtown Yerevan, nearby the Yerevan Municipality.

The park was particularly known for its willows. The protesting citizens, initially standing in front of the city hall, then crossed the street to dismantle the construction fences of the park, to show other citizens the” real state of the park”.

Taking some green branches of cut trees, the demonstrators entered the building of the municipality, demanding Mayor Taron Margaryan's resignation and the release of the Yerevan council. In the meantime, some Taron Margaryan's supporters also gathered in front of the municipality. Margaryan arrived at the scene only after the citizens demanding his resignation moved their protest to the prosecutor's office and later to area adjacent to Saryan Street. Taron Margaryan was welcomed by the citizens in front of the municipality with the words "Our mayor is Taron".

Մայիսի 16, 2018 թ.։