Trdat Musheghyan

Amulsar Opponents Say Lydian Armenia Is In Crisis Mode; Demand Temporary Construction Halt

Gegham Ohanyan, a member of the “Amulsar without Mines” group, says demonstrations against the mine will continue until the government and Lydian Armenia reach an agreement to temporarily halt construction at the site.

“Let them keep their billions. Our environment is priceless for us,” Ohanyan said at a press conference in Yerevan.

Referring to recent demonstrations organized by those supporting the mine, Sona Roushanyan said that it is natural for mine employees to be concerned about losing their jobs and thus show up at rallies organized by their employer.

“Workers often tell us that they oppose the mine, but that the work their because they have no other job prospects,” Roushanyan said, adding that she doesn’t see mine workers waging a determined battle to keep the Amulsar mine project on track.

Ohanyan said that Lydian Armenia cannot operate the mine without damaging the environment because it cannot regulate the underground water flows.

Commenting on recent statements made by Lydian Armenia that it would take the Armenian government to court if the mining project is scrubbed, activist Meri Serobyan said documents pertaining to the case are far from credible.

Ohanyan said Lydian Armenia is in crisis mode and that such a state of affairs manifests =itself in a variety of ways.

He mentioned a run-in with an English specialist at the mine working for the company. Ohanyan says they were conversing normally when, out of the blue, the specialist started to verbally curse him.

Ohanyan said Pashinyan’s July 6 visit to Amulsar was positive because the prime minister didn’t order the activists to open the roads leading to the mine.