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Diana Ghazaryan

Amulsar Mine Opponents and Lydian Armenia Employees Clash in Jermouk

Environmental activists and Amulsar mine employees clashed today near the resort town of Jermouk in south central Armenia.

Jermouk resident Vazgen Galstyan, who opposes the mine, reports that employees of Lydian Armenia, the company that plans to operate the mine, used some sixty cars to block the main highway to the town to protest the fact that mine opponents have been blocking all roads leading to the mine for several weeks now.

The employees say the activists are illegally prohibiting them from gainful employment.

Galstyan claims that the employees taunted the activists and threw bottles and stones at them. Scuffles then broke out between the two sides.

The Jermouk roadway was opened after the employees drove away.

Galstyan says that mine opponents will review today’s proposal, announced by the Ministry of Nature Protection’s Environmental Protection and Mining Inspectorate to temporarily halt all mining operations at Amulsar until a new environmental impact study can be conducted, and then decide whether to continue blocking roads leading to the mine.

The Inspectorate has called on the Ministry of Nature Protection to invalidate a 2016 environmental impact assessment that supported Lydia Armenia’s claims that the mine would not negatively impact the local environment or public health. 

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History has spoken - profits from mines and large corporations always overuse the issues relating to people, wildlife, water and natural preservation. Be strong - hold fast defend your natural right to resist the short term gains of corporate greed. Promote your natural world - your culture / invite travellers to your homes and showcase your passion to save and preserve your rights in the face of political apathy and weakness. Your future our future we all must demand a change to exploitation of our planet and the health of the natural world we need to survive. #Resist.Defend.Preserve!
Gabe korajian
Power to the people! The environmental abuses have to stop. These crooked mine operators do not care about the environment. All they care is how much money they are exploiting from Armenia. If these mines are not stripped of their permits to operate, Armenia will lose its pristine environment. Bravo people of Armenia.

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