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Narek Aleksanyan

Yerevan: Solidarity for Street Musicians

Hundreds of Yerevan residents and musicians turned out today to voice their solidarity with street musicians barred by the police from playing on Northern Boulevard in downtown Yerevan.

I spoke with Ilyan, from Ukraine, who arrived in Armenia in earlier July and was detained by the police yesterday evening.

They came to play and tour the country. Given today’s turnout, they plan to stay a bit longer and to once again perform on Northern Boulevard.

Yesterday was the first time Yerevan cops told them to stop playing.

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Dear Hetq, please ignore Astrid. I appreciated all the photos and I am sure for Armenians all over the world who do not get to experience Yerevan, they also appreciate seeing photos of life in Yerevan, the more the better. There can never be enough photos.
Precisely because Hagop-ian wants to see photos of life in Yerevan, too much is not good enough! Some of the photos in this story could have been from anywhere, and some are quite similar to each other in angle and environment and musical instruments displayed. An editorial intervention can help the truly good ones to stand out.
I agree with Astrid. Too many of similar photos detracts from the article. Ten would have been enough!

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