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Seda Ghukasyan

National Assembly Passes Bill to Return 26 Baghramyan Avenue Residence to President

By a vote of 55-0, Armenia’s National Assembly passed a bill today stating that the seat of the country’s prime minister will henceforth be located at Government Building #1, Republic Square, Yerevan.

The palatial building located at 26 Baghramyan Avenue will once again serve as the seat for the country’s president.

The bill, which makes changes to the Law on Social Guarantees, Services and the Activities of Officials, was introduced by Acting Deputy Minister of Justice Artour Hovhannisyan.

Before the vote, Hovhannisyan argues that the prime minister could carry out his functions from one seat, and that the historically significant building at 26 Baghramyan Avenue must be returned to the president who, according to Armenia’s new constitution, is the head of state.

The bill must be approved at the second reading as well in order to be sent to the president for signing.

The building at 26 Baghramyan Avenue was completed in 1951 and first housed the Council of Ministers of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. It then served as the president’s residence from 1991 until April of this year when Armenia became a parliamentary republic and it was handed over to the prime minister.

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