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Tatevik Shaljyan

Plaintif's Attorney Motions for Suspension in news.am Slander Suit

The case of the slander suit brought by the "Arrhythmology Cardiology Center of Armenia against the news.am website got underway today at the Yerevan Ajapnyak and Davtashen District Court, Judge Margarita Hartenyan presiding.

Plaintiff attorney Murat Asatryan motioned the court for a suspension since Hovhannes Katrdjyan had gone to the police asking that a criminal case against the hospital be initiated.

The defendant’s attorney, Aramazd Kirviryan, argued that the criminal case had no bearing on the current trial and that Katrdjyan is charging the hospital with fraud and deceit.

Katrdjyan was the former patient of the hospital and is basically charging the hospital with malfeasance.

Judge Hartenyan said she would rule on the motion tomorrow.

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