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Seda Ghukasyan

Armenian Security Agency Head: 'We'll Find the Foreign Agents'

Following up on a recent allegation made by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that there are politicians in Armenia operating as foreign agents, National Security Service (NSS) Director Artur Vanetsyan told reporters that his agency is doing all it can to uncover who these individuals are.

“We are taking steps, not only due to that statement, but in general to reveal those individuals linked to foreign special services,” Vanetsyan told reporters today at Armenia’s National Assembly.

Vanetsyan also commented on Pashinyan’s recent complaint that the NSS could be doing more to support the government’s anti-corruption campaign.

“Yes, the earlier rate of our work has slowed somewhat. It’s because we need a strong legal basis so that our work isn’t appealed or misused later on. So that our work cannot be derided as based on a whim. We work solely within the law and attempt to do everything to satisfy all legal requirements. I think we are doing all possible and that we will have serious revelations.

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