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Vahe Sarukhanyan

Armenia Drops to 102nd Place in FIFA Ranking After November Losses

Armenia’s national football team has dropped three spots, to 102nd place, in the FIFA World Ranking after its November losses in the Euro-2020 qualifying round.

Greece beat Armenia (1-0) and Italy trounced Armenia (9-1).

Belgium is still the leader in the world rankings, followed by France, Brazil, England, Uruguay, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Colombia.

Of the former USSR countries, Ukraine is 24th, followed by Russia (38th), Uzbekistan (85th), Belarus (87th), Georgia (91st), Kyrgyzstan (96st). The rest follow Armenia in the rankings/

Turkey (29th) is the highest ranked of Armenia’s neighbors. Iran is 33rd, Georgia is 91st and Azerbaijan is 114th.

Photo: Football Federation of Armenia

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