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Diana Ghazaryan

Armenian Defense Ministry: "We Control Hadrut"

Armenian Ministry of Defense representative Artsrun Hovhannisyan today denied earlier Azerbaijani government allegations that its forces had captured the southern Artsakh town of Hadrut.

Hovhannisyan, at a Goris press conference, said that efforts by special Azerbaijani guerilla units to enter Hadrut had been repulsed and still might be in the general area surrounding the town that has some 4,000 residents.

The ministry official said that on the morning of October 12, hostilities resumed in three or four directions.

Heavy artillery was employed in the direction of Martakert.

The Azerbaijani Air Force, with the support of the Turkish Air Force, used attack drones and carried out 36 combat flights.

Armenian anti-aircraft forces, he said, hit one Azerbaijani Su-25 attacker in the north of the country.

During the day, fighting with artillery and armored vehicles continued in the south.

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