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Liana Sayadyan

Forty French MPs Urge Macron to “Get Off the Fence” and Support Artsakh

Forty members of the French parliament wrote a letter to President Emanuel Macron on November 4, urging him to renounce his neutral position in the Karabakh conflict.

Guy Teissier , a member of the French National Assembly and chairman of the France-Artsakh friendship group, wrote about this on his Twitter account, publishing the text of his letter to President Macron, which was signed by another 39 parliamentarians.

In the preface of the letter, describing the hostilities since September 27, the French MP wrote that France, like all of Europe, is witnessing a conflict at its frontier and should not be satisfied with the cold cowardice that characterizes its position so far even though French diplomacy is sparring no effort within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group.

"By the way, other countries in the region have contributed to making that neutrality impossible," Teissier said, referring to Turkey. He mentioned Turkey's unconditional military and political support to Azerbaijan, including the supply of jihadist and Islamist terrorists, noting that Turkey has become a party to this conflict.

"At first glance, there is a larger-scale struggle behind this territorial dispute, which we can incorrectly ignore. Unfortunately, our neutrality may not be a worthy response to the attacks, the goal of which is the elimination of the Armenian population in that region,” Teissier wrote.

He urged France to act in accordance with its international obligations.

“Only international recognition, as in the case of Kosovo, will allow the Artsakh Republic to get out of this illegal situation, which deprives it of any international support, even humanitarian, and it encourages Azerbaijan and Turkey to carry out ethnic cleansing as a persistent political solution,” Teissier concluded.

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