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Seda Ghukasyan

Bright Armenia's Marukyan Accuses International Community of Inaction on POW Issue

Bright Armenia parliamentary faction leader Edmon Marukyan today accused the international community of not taking forceful steps to facilitate the release of Armenian POWs held in Azerbaijan.

“"Where there the international pressure? We only see announcements. Let them impose sanctions on Aliyev’s family businesses. Ten minutes after the sanctions are imposed, the prisoners will be released," he told journalists at the National Assembly.

Marukyan said that Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan’s proposal that OSCE Minsk Group member states deploy observers to sections of the Armenian border where the Azerbaijani troops are stationed has gone unanswered.

“"We still have not seen any country say it is ready to send observers. I would consider it realistic that at least one of the countries of the OSCE Minsk Group would say that we are ready to deploy observers, but now there is no such statement,” he said.

As to why former Foreign Minister Ara Ayvazyan resigned, Marukyan said he was surprised by the decision since two opposition factions of the National Assembly were present at the closed-door sitting of the Security Council and that Ayvazyan could have informed them of any pending government initiative seen as opposing Armenian interests.

“If he does not announce what he has to say at the Security Council session, in what other format should he say it?” asked Marukyan.

Ayvazyan, during a farewell meeting with foreign ministry staffers earlier this week, said he resigned because he would not sign off on any government initiative he viewed as damaging Armenia’s sovereignty.

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Ruben minasyan
Why should they ? Dream on!

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