Vahe Sarukhanyan

Women in Government More Effective, Less Corruptible?

At a press conference entitled “Women Candidates Running for Political Office”, Heritage Party MP Anahit Bakhshyan observed that in those government circles where women are in the majority, the functions of the state are conducted effectively and more in accordance to the letter of the law.

The MP added that if more women were to hold positions of power in the government and infuse their sectors with “maternal traits”, then we can expect positive changes in Armenia.

ARF MP Lilit Galstyan regrettably noted that in terms of women being seated in the parliament, Armenia ranks 108th in the world and 96th in terms of the executive branch.

“We live in a male dominated political world where, even though the rights of women are constitutionally guaranteed, in practice, they do not exist. Those nations that actually utilize the potential of women are the real winners,” stated MP Galstyan.

She added that even though three of the sixteen ARF MP’s are women, this would not prevent her from raising her voice in the name of those women with something to say.

The ARF MP said it was wrong for some parties to include women on the ballot just to satisfy the quota.

Both MP’s expressed their regret over the recent resignation of Arevik Petrosyan, the female Deputy Speaker of the RA National Assembly.

MP Galstyan said she lamented Petrosyan’s exit not because the resignation violated the gender balance, but because Petrosyan was a knowledgeable person.

MP Bakhshyan said that Petrosyan was sacrificed in the name of political squabbling within the ruling coalition circles and that it was shameful.