Vahe Sarukhanyan

4,635 RA Citizens Deported from Overseas

According to the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 4,635 citizens of Armenia were deported from foreign counties during the period January 1, 2007 to September, 2010. That works out to 103 individuals each month. 69 of them were being tracked by law enforcement. These stats were compiled by RA Consulates overseas.

Germany has been the strictest of all with1,127 Armenians were deported. Then comes Russia with 1,042 deported from Rostov-on-the Don, Moscow, Sochi and St. Petersburg. France comes in third with 832 RA citizens deported. Poland follows with 483, Austria – 287, Ukraine – 201, and the USA – 194. Less than 100 Armenians were deported from other countries in the compiled list. The United Arab Emirates had the highest ratio of “wanted” Armenians to deportees; 10 out of a total of 28.