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Vahe Sarukhanyan

Iran Might Open Consulate in Southern Armenian Town This Year, Says Kapan Mayor

Gevorg Parsyan, mayor of Kapan, capital of Armenia’s southern Syunik province, tells Hetq that Iran might open a consulate in the town this year.

Parsyan, along with Syunik Provincial Governor Robert Ghukasyan, met with Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Abbas Badakhshan Zohouri this April, in Armenia, and discussed the possibility of opening a consulate.

"We have offered several places to the ambassador and the consul. It now seems those issues are being clarified. We saw a practical willingness and clarity on their part to have a consulate in Kapan," Parsyan told Hetq.

When asked when, Parsyan replied, "Judging by their attitude, we are talking about this year."

Armenia and Iran have embassies in the other’s country but no consulates.

At the April meeting, the Iranian ambassador reaffirmed his country's position regarding the inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of Armenia and said that all countries should respect it.

"Talk about the corridors regarding transportation links are unacceptable for us. We believe Armenia should preserve its territorial integrity,” Zohouri said at the time.

Ghukasyan and Parsyan thanked the ambassador for Iran's official position regarding “corridors”.  

Iran's spiritual leader Ali Khamenei emphasized that Iran would oppose the possible blocking of the Armenian-Iranian border when he met with the presidents of Turkey and Russia in Tehran last week.

Regarding the so-called "Zangezur Corridor" concept, advanced by Turkey and Azerbaijan, Khameni told Turkish President Erdoğan: "If there is a policy of blocking the border between Iran and Armenia, the Islamic Republic will be oppose it, because that border is considered a communication route that has existed for thousands of years."

Khamenei also conveyed to Putin that Iran will not tolerate the closing of its border with Armenia.

When asked by Hetq if Iran can play a deterrent role in the case of possible new Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression, Parsyan said: "Of course. After all, the Islamic Republic of Iran is a powerful country in terms of its economy and strategy, and we have heard many times that the inviolability of borders is a red line for them. We also had a conversation with the Iranian ambassador. We touched on the ‘corridor’ issue. He again stated that it is unacceptable for them. I thanked them for making such official statements, because the term ‘corridor’ is also unacceptable for us.”

Photo: Syunik Provincial Governor's Office

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