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Trdat Musheghyan

Armenia Proposes Three Checkpoints Along Border with Azerbaijan

The Armenian government has circulated a draft plan that would create checkpoints, with customs controls, at three sections of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.  

The checkpoints would be in Sotk (Gegharkunik Province), Yeraskh (Ararat Province), and Karahunj (Syunik Province).

On August 4, PM Nikol Pashinyan said Armenia is obligated to provide Azerbaijan a land connection between the western region of Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan according to the November 9, 2020 ceasefire agreement.

"Officially, I say that Azerbaijan can cross the border of Armenia at several points and drive to Nakhichevan. We are ready. Let them come, cross, go to Nakhijevan. And we guarantee the safety of that road in accordance with Armenian law,” Pashinyan said.

The agreement says Russian border control agencies would monitor the traffic.

The draft has been circulated on the e-draft․am website that ostensibly allows for public commentary.

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