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Tatevik Shaljyan

Trial of Beating Death of Vahe Avetyan Gets Underway in Yerevan Court

The trial examining the beating death of Armenian military physician Vahe Avetyan has gotten underway in a Yerevan court.

Six defendants are in the docket for the beating - Garik Margaryan, Davit Adamyan, Artur Babloyan, Arman Baghdasaryan, Arman Khachatryan and Norayr Hayrapetyan.

The six also face charges for the beating of Vahe Avetyan’s friends - Artak Bayadyan, Garik Soghomonyan, Arkady Aghajanyan and Edgar Nikoyan.

Attorneys believe that the defendants should be charged with murder and not premeditated physical violence.

Norayr Hayrapetyan’s attorney motioned for the recusal of prosecuting attorney Artur Davtyan, arguing that Davtyan had not taken into account his client’s illegal detention.

Hayrapetyan also called for another forensic examination of Vahe Avetyan’s body in order to ascertain the exact order of the wounds sustained and by whom.

The courtroom was packed and noisy and presiding Judge Davit Haroutunyan has already issued three sanctions for disorderly behavior.

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