Vahe Sarukhanyan

Tigran Karapetyan – The People’s Party Represents a Vital 3rd Force

Claims the party will win seats in 2012 parliamentary election Tigran Karapetyan, leader of Armenia’s People Party, stated today that he would be throwing his hat in the ring for the 2013 presidential elections and that the party is definitely participating in the 2012 parliamentary elections. Mr. Karapetyan said that the main challenge now facing the party is to assemble a team of candidates to present to the electorate so that voters can see the quality of individuals the party will be putting forth. "This time around, we will surely win some seats in the parliament," Karapetyan boasted, but didn’t specify whether such a success would come as a result of running in a coalition or on an independent ballot. The leader of the People’s Party said that in addition to the coalition and opposition forces there is a third force to be reckoned with. Not surprisingly, he pointed to his own party as that force. "However much the pundits say there is no third force, I am here to declare that our party occupies that spot," Karapetyan said. "I we can garner 40,000-50,000 votes at election time, rest assured that in reality our votes are much more." He labelled the Heritage Party an "American project" and said that the ARF in Armenia was only being kept afloat by resources from the diaspora.