Zaruhi Mejlumyan

Vardan Petrosyan Makes Urgent Plea in Court to Family of Deceased

Armenian actor and comedian Vardan Petrosyan in court today spoke directly to the family of the two boys who were killed in the car accident on October 20, 2013, something he hasn't been able to do since being placed in pre-trial detention. 

At today's hearing in the Kotayk District Court of First Instance, Petrosyan appealed to the injured party, the Hakobyan family, saying: "You've said a lot of things about me during this time; you can say a lot of things that would've been better: that I was never born or that I died. I myself think, it would've been better if I was dead. I would like to go down on my knees and apologize, but imprisonment as the measure of restraint thwarted our getting closer. I was unable to come and personally say what was in my heart. And it was hurtful to me, that they treated me like someone on the run, though thousands of signatures were presented." Note, during the entire time of the trial, the mother of one of the boys who died held a framed photograph of the two boys pointed in Petrosyan's direction. 

Also present in court today were Vardan Petrosyan's two attorneys from France with their translator, but they could only participate as spectators since their translator wasn't granted inclusion as a member of the trial body.

Petrosyan's attorney Nikolay Baghdasaryan made a motion to have the pre-trial detention against his client lifted. The judge then went to the consultation room to make a decision on the motion. (The motion was later rejected)

Recall, on October 20, 2013, Vardan Petrosyan's vehicle hit another car, a Niva, on the Yerevan-Yeghvard highway, leading to the death of the two sixteen-year-old boys. There were 4 other people in the Niva, 3 of whom were also injured. Petorsyan himself was severely injured and taken to hospital where he underwent surgery.

The actor has since been charged with Article 242 Section 3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia ("breach of traffic rules and operation of means of transportation, which by negligence caused the death of 2 or more persons"). If convicted, Petrosyan faces a sentence of 4–10 years in prison.