Zaruhi Mejlumyan

Prosecutor General Sends Hetq Revelations in Kocharyan Case to Special Investigative Service

The lawyer of Soghomon Kocharyan, now serving his 20th year in prison for the murder of an Iranian citizen, has told Hetq that his drive to have his client’s case reopened is making progress through the legal system in Armenia.

Lawyer Robert Revazyan has petitioned Armenia’s Prosecutor General to review the case given recent revelations unearthed by Hetq in the autobiography written by the original prosecuting attorney regarding the intervention of Iran in the legal proceeding.

Revazyan has informed Hetq that he received a letter from the Prosecutor General Office just days ago saying that these revelations have been forwarded to the Special Investigative Service (SIS).

Hetq contacted the SIS to see what steps, if any, it has taken on the matter. Mikayel Aharonyan, who heads the SIS public affairs department, responded that the Prosecutor General’s Office had indeed transferred the new findings to the SIS and that the agency was compiling further material on the matter.

In his petition to Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan, Robert Revazyan claims that his client was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death due to political pressure exerted by Iran in a court case rife with legal violations.

The Office has rejected Revazyan’s petition on two separate occasions; the latest just this month.

Attorney Revazyan’s appeal to have the rejection overturned will be heard at the Kentron and Nork-Marash Court of Jurisdiction in a few days.