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Ani Hovhannisyan

Lilit Remembers Her Uncle Sasoun, Killed on the Artsakh Frontline 2 Days Ago

Early today, 15 year-old Lilit Mkrtchyan published a photo of her uncle Sasoun Mkrtchyan.

Sasoun was killed two days ago on the Artsakh frontline.

In a conversation with this reporter, Lilit said she wanted everyone to know about Sasoun who died heroically on the Artsakh frontline and that he was one of the first to confront Azerbaijani forces.

Lilit said that Sasoun was more like a brother to her since they grew up together.

Sasoun Mkrtchyan, a conscript soldier, had been serving since 2011.

Sasoun planned to get engaged this month and had recently purchased a car.

“It’s as if I’m in a dream now. I don’t believe it. I don’t know what to say to describe Sasoun. They all liked him. He was always there to help. If neighbors needed any assistance they called on Sasoun. He always like to work, to keep busy. And he was strong physically. He trained in muay thai,” Lilit told me. (Muay Thai – a combat sport of Thailand)

Sasoun lived with his parents. They had been waiting these past few days, counting the minutes, for their son to return. Yesterday they received word of his death.

Lilit recounts that her uncle was a peacemaker, always breaking up fights and heated arguments.

“Even when me and my brother would get into childish brawls, he would tell us to take it easy and that fighting wasn’t allowed,” Lilit said.

Photos: Sasoun Mkrtchyan’s Facebook

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Փա՜ռք մեր հերոսներին
Очень жаль..примите искренние соболезнования..
It is because of guys like this, Turks will never succeed, never be victorious and will always remain cowards, thugs and killers. Armenia and it's son's will remain powerful, smart and kind in their hearts. Azeri's never brought anything good or positive to the world. Only killing and destruction. They should be wiped out of the face of this planet.
(((( Hoqid lusavorvi mer pahapan hreshtak
ահավոր, ամեն մեկի մահը մի ընտանիքի ողբերգությունա (((((((((((((((((((

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