Grisha Balasanyan

Armenian MP Calls on Russia to Annul Arms Deal with Azerbaijan

At a session of the Armenian parliament today, MP Khachatour Kokobelyan called on the Armenian government to demand from Russia that it annuls its armaments deal with Azerbaijan.

Kokobelyan said that the past few days of fighting along the Karabakh Line of Contact, during which Azerbaijan used Russian-made offensive weaponry, proves that Russian arms supplies to Baku are more than just “simple business deals.”

By doing so, Kokobelyan argues, Moscow was upsetting the regional balance of power and thus hindering the Karabakh peace process.

The MP said that Russia, as a Minsk Group co-chair, is violating the principle of impartiality and, as a member of CSTO, is violating Article 1 of that organization’s treaty.