Trdat Musheghyan

Armenian Foreign Ministry Admits Tatulyan Was a Freelance Advisor

Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has admitted that Ruben Tatulyan, blacklisted by the United States for his criminal activities in Russia, once served as a “freelance” advisor to the foreign minister.

Earlier, Hetq has written that Tatulyan (aka Robson) had given an interview to a Russian blogger and said that he still was an advisor to the foreign minister and had a diplomatic passport to prove it.

In a reply to Hetq, foreign ministry press spokesman Tigran Balayan said that Tatulyan no longer served in this capacity.

In May 2017, Hetq wrote about the arrest of Ruben Tatulyan in the Czech Republic, referring to the Russian mass media and videos broadcast there, still available on the Internet.

While a citizen of Russia, Tatulyan was carrying diplomatic passport of Armenia when arrested.

Hetq has written yet again to the foreign ministry, this time about the issuance of the diplomatic passport.

We have yet to receive a response.