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Armenia's Heritage Party: Let's Save the Mining Industry and the Environment

Armenia’s Heritage Party has issued a statement on the operation of Amulsar Gold Mine by Lydian Armenia. The following is an unofficial translation of that statement.

Let's not turn the noble mission of nature protection into an uncontrollable process.

The manipulation of issues related to mining in Armenia, particularly the operation of the Amulsar gold mine by Lydian Armenia, by some public forces is already turning into a direct threat, jeopardizing the economic and political development of the Republic of Armenia and our public harmony.

Without professional knowledge and theoretical and practical reasoning, these forces are employing emotional slogans in an attempt to transform the noble mission of nature conservation into an unmanageable process.

The Heritage Party is deeply concerned about the situation and notes that the government is slow to take sufficient and systematic steps to move the resolution of mining and environmental issues to a professional level. The impression is that the crisis of the ruling power system is deepening, something we have repeatedly warned about.

Unfortunately, the parliament, which was supposed to become a political body for resolving such issues and forming a consensus, is unable to fulfill that role because passions supersede ideas and move to the streets and squares.

"Heritage" reminds the authorities and the whole political and civil society of Armenia about those awful events of our recent past, when, giving in to superficial, and emotional perceptions, we stopped the nuclear power plant, whose reopening took great time and resources. But it saved Armenia from a total economic collapse.  We destroyed Nairit and our powerful chemical industry, which we cannot seem to restore. 

The development of Armenia's industrial potential in all areas is an essential component of our national security, as well as the implementation of protecting the health of nature and the nation.

Thus, Heritage is ready to engage with all public forces, both professional and political, to initiate public debate and, if there’s an initiative from parliament, to participate in parliamentary hearings, during which important government issues will be transformed from an emotional level to a serious platform of analysis combining the best of local and international experience. without damaging our solidarity to achieve our great aim of having a strong industrial Armenia through democratic development.  

Heritage is convinced that only through a balanced government policy and consolidation of professional potential can we save both Armenia and nature from the old destructive mistakes and new misunderstandings.

Heritage Party:

August 22, 2019


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